2017-2018 Naminng Opportunity Sponsors

Thank you for your support!

($10,000 +)

($5,000 - 9,999)

  • Dr. Ross Prizzia (Parent)

    •  In Memory of Opera Singer
      Katherine Prizzia

    • In Memory of
      Genevieve and Margaret Prizzia

    • Rossi and Rocco Prizzia

($2,500 - $4,999)

  • Elaine Delventhal (Church Member)

    • In Memory of
      Mr. Delventhal

  • Dr. Duane Fujii (1st Grade Teacher)
    Hawaii prosthodontics LLC

  • Jodi & Lauren Shaw (Parent)

    • In Memory of
      Patrick Shaw

($1,000 - $2,499)

  • Darlene & Mark Garcia (Parent)

  • Todd & Stephanie Hutchison (Parent)

  • Mr. & Mrs. Inamine (Parent)

  • David Lokar (Community)
    Paradise Beverages, INC

  • Margaret Markillie (Grandparent)

  • Amy Minami (Alulmni)
    Yagura Restaurant

  • Emma Mitchel (Parent)
    Healing For the Healers Soul

  • Lenin & Ramona Moreira (Grandparents)

  • Grant & Ketly Nakamura (Parents)
    Harrison Nakamura - son

  • Judy Nakamura (Library)
    Alumni - Our Savior

  • Nishimoto Family (Parents)

  • Michael Nitta (Parent)

  • Roman & Ramona Perez (Parent)
  • Sanders Family (Parents)
  • Charlie Toguchi (Grandparent)

  • Mike & Maggie Ulm (Student Support)
    Pacific Island Reps


Education Family Sponsors

Aric & Kristin Ahlgren - Church

Mr. & Mrs. Furukawa (Parents)

James McDiarmid, President - BOE

Kent & Kendra Okihiro

Rodolfich Family, Thrivent - BOE

Jason M. Tanaka DDS, INC.

Faculty Sponsors

Borengasser Family

Epperson Family

Loke Ewe

Carol Ito

Lemon Family

Judy Nakamura

God Bless Our Teachers

Alumni Sponsors

Theo Stiller
Wealth Strategy Partners

Maxine Yee

Pua Barone Leilani Nursery

Thank you for donating your flowers & plants 

Special thank you and God's Blessing to:

Mr. David Ornellas and his team of builders!

Tino Jacob

Errol Kaaa

Eric Silva

Randy Ganir

Sean Madison

Daniel Hoopai

Carol Duy

2013-14 Family & Faculty Sustainability Sponsors

Spelling Bee
Geography Bee
A Day in Aiea
Family Name* 
Family Sponsorship
(has met or exceeds $500 Education Fund Goal)


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Room P202




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Grade 6


Grade 7


Grade 8



A special "Thank You" to our family of donors and volunteers!

Algren Family

Adarna Family

Aihara Family

Andres Family

Barone Family

Barosh Family

Battad Family

Bead It!

Ben Franklin Crafts

Borengasser Family

Buzby Family

Castro Family

Chart House Waikiki

Cho Family

Chow Hoy Family

Coaching Spa

Dalida Family

Delventhal Family

Dixie Grill

DK Advanced

Doran Family

Double Tree By Hilton

Dozsa Family

Epperson Family

Ewe Family

Fahrni Family

Fermahin Family

Foley Family

Fujii Family

Fullerton Family

Furukawa Family

Furuta Family

Hewett Family

Hunt Family

Garcia Family

Grocki Family

Ige Family

Heart Rock Productions

Hutchison Family

Imaguchi Family

Inimane Family

Ito Family

J J Food and Beverage

Jamba Juice Hawaii

Kawamura Family

Keyser Family

Koga Family

The Kahala Hotel & Resort

Leilani Nursery

Leong Family

Link Family

Luis Family

Lokar Family

Maki Family

Matsumoto Family

Matsunaga Family

Markillie Family

Muehler Family

McCabe Family

McDiarmid Family

Minami Family

Mitchel Family

Moreira Family

Muraoka Family

Nakamura Family

Nashiro Family

Nishimoto Family

Nitta Family

Okihiro Family
Prudential Locations

Cart House Waikiki

O'Connell Family

Ornellas Family

Otsuka Family

Paiva Family

Paradise Cove Luau

Paparelli Family
The Patisserie

Perez Family

Prizzia Family

Punahou JROTC Cadets

Punahou Tank "Charlie"

The Patissierie

Radolfich Family

Root Family

Saito Family

Sakai Family

Sakurai Family

Salviejo Family

Sanders Family

Sato Family

Seminara Family

Shaw Family

Silva Family

Stephens Family

Stiller Family

Taguchi Family

Takao Family (Bob & Bobbie)

Tanaka DDS, Inc.

Thompson Family

Toguchi Family

Trippensee Family

Uehara Family

Ulm Family

Wai Family

Wataoka Family

West Family

Wilhelm-Locklar Family

Yamada Family

Yamamoto Family

Yee Family

Yuen Family

Zen Family