To provide a strong academic foundation in a loving Christian environment for children regardless of their learning circumstances by combining best practices of early childhood education and to promote up-to-date research and training in child language, literacy, performing arts, math, science, and physical education.

Promoting the Christian faith and life-long learning of the whole child in a changing world

History of organization

  • 1959 - Vicar John Kellog starts Bible study and worship at Alvah Scott Elementary.
  • 1961 - February 5, the 50-member group of faith and vision incorporates as Our Savior Lutheran Church.
  • 1963 - Our Savior Lutheran Church builds a church building in Aiea.
  • 1970 - 1973 - Our Savior Elementary School opens with preschool and 101 students.
  • 1975 - 1977 - Temporary portable buildings were installed. 7th-8th Grades were added.
  • 1978 - 3 story brick building was built. (10 classrooms, library and kitchen) Capacity enrollment of 70 preschoolers and 255 K-8 students (30 + students per class).
  • 2001 - Student Support Director/Tutor is hired to address students with learning circumstances.
  • 2007 - Teacher staff room is converted to Student Support Services Room.
  • 2011 - Board of Education approves establishing Our Savior Lutheran School Education Fund division.
  • 2013 - Renovations and improvements to classrooms: continued renovations and addition of technology


Our Savior Lutheran School is a very dynamic campus, and is one of the top rated PK-8th grade Elementary schools in Hawaii with test scores ranking in the top 80% of the nation, and attaining district and state winners in math, science, geography and English.  Our diverse populate of ethnic backgrounds range from Middle Eastern, Native American, Multiracial, Pacific Islanders, European and Asian Americans.  We enroll people of all faiths, including non-Christians.  We have talented and dedicated teachers and staff, wonderful children, involved parents and an actively involved community.  Our excellence also springs from the extensive educational enrichment programs funded by the various events throughout the year.   We are committed to providing families with programs that embrace learning circumstances, encourage an environment where students learn decorum, discretion, initiative, and confidence; we prepare our students for life.

Through our combined efforts we are able to provide students with up-to-date technology, music, art classes, foreign languages, physical education, computer classes, and science labs within the classroom.  Our extensive programs: Beta; National Honor Society, student council, service learning projects for the community, drama, speech festivals, Olympic Games Day, Multicultural Day and a multitude of educational adventures from live productions, military and Hawaiian history museum trips to off island excursions to study oceanography and marine biology, team building and real world problem-solving, nature studies, and an engineering and astrophysics program on Ford Island to name a few.

To help continue with our goals and objectives we need to have the support to expand our existing education environment.  Our goal is to have 100% participation in fostering education.

Continue developing Goals and Objectives

  • Improved and expand Early Childhood Education facility: supporting all students including those with learning circumstances, such as hearing/listening impaired, dyslexia, and English as a second language, to foster self-esteem, independence and problem-solving skills in a nurturing environment.

  • New Science lab: support our existing hands-on studies, Marine Biology & Oceanography trips, helping us maximize early learning in science and math for all children in the context of flexible and naturally occurring interactions with others by providing the necessary tools to succeed.  (Presently science labs are held within each classroom)

  • New Art, music and drama department rooms: broaden our existing use of local and mainland trip to California or New York Broadway experiences & museums of art, Speech Festival, Debate and Multicultural Events, and continue to show that performing arts improve right brain development, and that drama and speech further foster children's growth in self-esteem, independence, communication, and creativity.

  • Student Support Services: to develop communicative competence in each child and to provide intensive, individualized instruction in spoken language, literacy, and math for struggling, underprivileged, learning circumstance students with the use of best practices and technology.  To assist families by providing a support network of information; early intervention, and advocacy. To offer supplemental education to students that are gifted. 

  • Relocate/improve Library and computer room: the computer room will expand and encapsulate our existing engineering and astrophysics trips, with class instruction; thereby, expanding the learning environment with our new and up-to-date technology.  The improved library will only encourage the love of reading which we embrace with our extensive reading programs, surprise readers, and read-a-thons.

  • New Administration Facilities: improve sustainability for present and future growth of our goals and objectives.

  • New Staff/Teacher Lounge and Training room: expand existing local partnership with teachers in training, University of Phoenix and others in research, clinical training, and improve best practices for educators and staff.

  • To broaden clinical and community outreach: Our Savior Lutheran school partners with professionals to conduct research, training, technical assistance, clinical service and outreach.  To foster the welfare of those less fortunate with service learning projects such as Pennies for Patients, Women Shelters, Soldiers Programs, and taking care of children in distant lands, while expanding gratis space for community organizations: Catholic Charities (Foster Parent Training), Trukese congregation, Kaiwa Japanese School, Anuhea Hula Halau for senior citizens and others.

  • Physical Education building: Our Savior Lutheran School has an extensive Physical Education curriculum: keeping even our youngest students active with kickball to Olympic Games, basketball, volleball, track-n-field, to competitive intermural sports.  Projects to help prevent childhood diabetes and obesity by partnering with the medical community.  (Future community goal: God's blessing for a gymnasium)

We, as a school have a commitment to meet our Education Fund goal by raising an average annual goal of $500 per child.  We realize it is not easy for everyone to contribute at these levels.  The important thing is for all of us to contribute at a level within our budget.  By working together we can meet our goals.  

All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Remember to check the Matching Employee List to see if your company does matching gift contributions.  If you don't see your company listed ask your HR representative.  It is usually as easy as filling out your company's donation matching form.  Learn more>>

Our first “Education Fund Partnership Request” is to sign-up for events, offer our gifts which God has blessed us with, and visit the new website;  www.oslsedufund.squarespace.com for future event information

On behalf of Our Savior Lutheran School, the staff, community of families, and with God's grace, we thank you for this opportunity to serve our community.  Should you have any questions regarding this year's Education Fund, do not hesitate to contact Education Fund Division: Mrs. Margaret Ulm at (808)488-0000 ext. 246 or email: adoptateacher@hawaii.rr.com

Thank you in advance for your contribution! 

Mr. George Evensen, Principal