Our Savior Lutheran School


 We need your support!


     Our beloved school has been serving our community over 50 years.  We are excited about our on going building projects.

Please take the opportunity to review the following Fact Sheet, Naming Opportunity List, and Gift/Pledge Form or visit www.oslsedufund.squarespace.com for more details. We are close, but we need community support, and you can consider how your giving and advertising dollars can support your community through building capable and educuated students in a strong school.

After strong consideration we know that you will agree that you will want to join us in helping OSLS last another 50 years.

Aloha ke Akua,

George Evensen, Principal


Classroom Improvements

Modify existing classrooms with consistant design.

$25,000 per classroom


Speaker Systems

To help everyone as well as our hearing-impaired students, teachers will wear wireless microphones that feed into ceiling and floor speakers to better ensure that everyone hears explanations and instructions.

Cost: $6,000 per classroom


Teaching Garden

An 18'x18', shaded deck in a quiet setting is specifically designed for classroom use and takes full advantage of the school's property. This outdoor classroom would facilitate science instruction and support many classroom themes as gardening, environment, and weather.


Cost: $40,000


Student Support Center 

The SSC room has the opportunity to grow and broaden its reach to the community. Presently it supports all the children in the school, and non-OSLS students that attend after school programs. Increasing its size will only help better support its effort to educate the broad-range of students; the gifted and those with learning differences that we have in all communities.

Cost: $50,000


Health Room

A designated area used solely as a health room that meets state requirements with its own restroom to accommodate hearing impaired, sick or injured children.

Cost: $50,000


Administration Rooms

To ensure the best support for our teachers, we'll upgrade our management hardware and software, as well as provide more parent access, communication, and support. Recent technological communication improvements will help our families support our students.

Cost: $50,000 each room (4 rooms)



Our beloved church and school has been servicing the community for over 50 years, and its plumbing facilities need replacing, so it can continue to support the community for the next 50 years. Learn more>>

Cost: $50,000